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Uplift Athletics is an athleisure wear brand headquartered in Weston, FL. It all started when in 2019 a fitness enthusiast decided to create its own movement with like minded people that believed that athletic wear and fashion could become one. Most recently, this entrepreneur was joined in the mission of taking Uplift Athletics to new heights by Jon de la Rosa (IFBB) and his brand Jacked Developments. Jon brought with him over 20+ years of experience in the fitness industry. Until this point the mind and the muscle was part of the equation, which was missing one piece… Experience. That is how Fradi Valdez joined our group. After successfully building multiple businesses and coming from humble beginnings, Jon and Andy knew that Fradi was the missing piece of the equation needed. Today, Uplift Athletics is a team of 14 individuals with one goal in mind, bring out the best athleisure wear to you. Uplift Athletics and its subsidiary fitness brand Jacked Developments will cater to all your athleisure and fitness needs.